The L.E.A.D. cohort (which is the acronym for Leadership Exploration and Discovery) is a leadership development opportunity offered by Middle Georgia RESA.  The target audiences are those individuals that are Teacher Leaders (may have completed the Teacher Leader Endorsement) along with any and all others (teachers, counselors, media specialists, academic coaches, etc.) that have an interest in becoming a building or system administrator.   

We will meet twice in the Fall (September and November) and then twice in the Spring (January and March).  An overview of LKES (Leader Keys Effectiveness System – how school level and many district level administrators are evaluated) will be provided along with having speakers from the school and district level providing some framework for what leadership "looks like"  from their vantage point will occur throughout the four sessions.  We will also discuss various leadership topics including some leadership scenarios at each session. 


A mini- portfolio with artifacts including interviews with school and district leaders, attending a board work session and other assigned tasks will be part of the four monthly seminars.